REDPUR CoverPlate – Infrared heat from above!

The REDPUR CoverPlate infrared-surface heating plates take care of comfortable heating, are energy efficient and are suitable for all assembly situations from office to the production hall.

REDPUR CoverPlate infrared surface heating plates work as per the principle of solar radiation. If sunrays meet the body on a day with minus degree temperatures, the heat is still felt in spite of the surrounding cold air. It works exactly in the same way also in rooms. Only if heat rays meet solid bodies, walls, ceilings, floors, objects and the bodies, then the heat will develop (see illustration).

Comfortable climate in every room, hygienic, energy efficient, environment friendly, less CO2, floor and walls are freely usable, they can be used for all room heights (3m minimum distance for persons), lesser cleaning intervals, maintenance free...As the room air is only indirectly heated, no dust blows, the air is clean, which is an advantage to allergics. With REDPUR infrared-surface heating plates energy savings of more than 40% are possible in comparison to conventional heating systems.

Areas of use:
Offices, schools, clean- and production rooms, hospitals, museums, halls, swimming pools...
For the REDPUR CoverPlate the REDPUR partner companies offer obviously the same service spectrum like for all other REDPUR infrared heating systems, which stretches from a detailed energy consultation to the installation of the REDPUR CoverPlate. The infrared-cover heater is delivered with a 72 month REDPUR warranty.


REDPUR CoverPlate
REDPUR CoverPlate
H x B cm
Output Watt
61,8 x 61,8 510
59,3 x 59,3 505
59,3 x 119,3 810
Surface: HHigh value steel casing matt white powder coated
Colour: white
Heating element: Direct heating
Voltage: 230 Volt, 50 Hz
Assembly: REDPUR-surface heating plates can easily be placed in a grid ceiling. With individual fixing the Coverplate can also be fixed in larger rooms/ halls.
Protection type: IP 40 (Fixed connection)