Our FAQs answer the most frequently asked questions. You may also contact us personally at any time by phone. Do you have any further questions or couldn't you find an answer to your specific question?  Then you should contact our network of dealers.


What is the expected "lifespan " of the REDPUR infrared heating?

With a REDPUR infrared heating you purchase a high quality and durable precision product.
Experience with infrared heating systems in the industry suggest that the lifespan of a privately used REDPUR infrared heating can exceed the 40-year mark without additional repair and maintenance costs.

What are the expected consumption costs for a REDPUR infrared heater?

All REDPUR infrared heating systems are extremely economical due to their very high efficiency and minimum power loss.  Your actual energy consumption can also be optimized by controlling the room temperature via thermostats. The expected actual consumption of your REDPUR infrared heater will be determined by our experts in a custom-created power requirements calculation for your building, which includes the quality and isolation of its building structure and numerous other factors.

Is the REDPUR infrared heating safe for children?

Yes. Due to the compliance with the TÜV standards, there is no risk of burning.  By the absence of sharp corners or edges other injuries are prevented. There is also no health risk due to plastics, electro-smog or harmful radiation. The IR-C radiation of REDPUR infrared heatings is objectively beneficial to the health and is perceived by children and adults as pleasant and physical comfort enhancing.

Can I heat a complete house with an infrared heating system from REDPUR?

Yes, the REDPUR infrared heating are available as complete systems for apartments and houses.  They are suitable for both new construction and renovation. Complete solutions always require an exact heat requirements calculation by the REDPUR experts to fine-tune the performance parameters of the system to your rooms.

However, also partial solutions for individual rooms as well as solutions for the operation outside of the home or office - for example in garages, basements, hobby rooms and halls or churches - are possible.

Where can I buy the REDPUR infrared heating?

Currently, at approximately 20 sales centers and sales studios of the REDPUR distributors. You will find an overview of the REDPUR dealers on our website.

REDPUR will offer soon their innovative infrared heating systems nationwide through their powerful and competent partner network in Germany.  Next year, REDPUR will expand internationally in ten other countries.

Why can't I find prices on the REDPUR website?

Because the actual planning and execution of your REDPUR infrared heating is as unique as you and your apartment.

The REDPUR infrared heating systems are available in a large variety of options and modules.  

The final price of your REDPUR infrared heater is determined by numerous factors.  For your personal heating needs statement, the REDPUR experts consider, among other things:

  • The quality of the building structure
  • Moisture and insulation of walls
  • Outdoor or indoor walls
  • Interiors
  • Ecological conception of the building including own decentrally generated energy

Our experts will clarify these and many other details in a free and non-binding advice and always also during on-site appointments.  At the end you get a tailored offer for your project including information on the cost of the ongoing operation of your REDPUR infrared heater.  Of course the REDPUR consultants will assist you with the ongoing construction process and all other planning and licensing issues as well as the practical construction process.

If using infrared heat is so great - why haven't I ever heard of an infrared heater or REDPUR?

Infrared heaters are internationally an innovative and relatively new product - the relevant market and customer segment is still in the development phase.  Customers who already own the devices are excited by both their energy and cost efficiency as well as their physiologically optimal wellness heat.
REDPUR have just started to offer their evolutionary infrared heating. Behind our precision products made in the Swabian Alb is the joint expertise of four Southern German entrepreneurs with many years of experience in innovative heating and environmental technology.

What distinguishes REDPUR from other providers of infrared heating systems?

REDPUR manufacture all their precision products in Germany.  Our production standards are based on the most up-to-date modern heating and environmental technologies.  For the REDPUR infrared heating systems, we guarantee the highest quality, using high-quality high-tech materials, and the comprehensive compliance of efficiency and environmental standards for a modern heating system. All REDPUR products come with a 72-month manufacturer's warranty.
Our distributors offer for REDPUR infrared heating systems a complete service from a single source, these include:

  • Personal advice, including energy consulting and on-site appointments
  • No phone or internet sales
  • The cooperation with experienced craftsmen and architects
  • Calculation of the energy and environmental parameters of your building by our own experts.

Heating with electricity - is that eco-friendly?

Definitely with a REDPUR infrared heater.  

The REDPUR infrared heating systems consume significantly less energy than electric night storage heaters or other electricity powered heating solutions.  While oil or gas heaters consume only about a third of the electricity necessary for the operation of a REDPUR infrared heater, they require additionally fossil energy.  Due to high heat losses, they also have a much lower efficiency than the REDPUR infrared heating systems.
The REDPUR infrared heaters work without emissions and the production of electro-smog. In conjunction with a decentralized energy supply by photovoltaic systems or small wind turbines they are currently the most cost-efficient, cleanest and greenest heating solution available.

Energy saving up to 60% using a REDPUR infrared heating - how will that work?

The energy saving of up to 60 percent by modern infrared heating systems compared to conventional heating systems was observed by a study of the University of Kaiserslautern.  The research results are consistent with the data of numerous buyers of infrared heaters.
The savings result from the interaction of several factors:

  • The operating principle of the heater via the heating of surfaces and the building shell"
  • Low heat losses in the transport of thermal energy
  • In general, low energy consumption
  • Physiologically optimal temperature distribution by constant and uniform heating of all surfaces, also in rooms with high ceilings
  • Lower room temperatures for a comfortable temperature
  • Technical details of the construction of REDPUR infrared heatings, which among other things provide for an optimal direction of the heat rays.

However, it is also true that every owner of a heating has other heating habits, therefore the values are given as "maximum" values.

Where can I mount the REDPUR infrared heaters?

The REDPUR heaters "Classic" are suitable for both wall- and ceiling-mounting.  The "Exclusive" series is only suitable for wall mounting.  Please note that you should plan the placement of the REDPUR infrared heating in your rooms together with a consultant of the REDPUR distributors.

How can I control the temperature of a REDPUR infrared heater?

The room temperature will be set with a thermostat - the REDPUR infrared heating works only if the room temperature drops below this value.  If it is reached, the heater turns off automatically.  The advisors of the REDPUR partners are happy to explain these thermostats to you.

What is the advantage of infrared radiant heat from heating systems?

The electromagnetic radiation of infrared heating systems heat - unlike conventional convection heaters - not the air, but surfaces and objects that store this energy and reflect the heat radiation into the rooms.
Because of this principle, an infrared heater works almost without energy loss. Since the human body also stores the infrared heat, the sensed temperature is about two degrees Celsius above the sensed temperature in conventionally heated rooms, which in addition helps minimize energy consumption and the cost of operating the infrared heater.
Thermodynamic air and dust swirls can be largely avoided by the REDPUR infrared heating.  By heating the "building shell", the infrared heating system provides for dry walls and prevents the formation of mould.

What are infrared rays?

Infrared rays consist like the sun rays of electromagnetic waves - they move in the frequency range below (Latin: infra) the visible red light.  Infrared radiation is used for many years in the medical and naturopathic treatment of many diseases and to strengthen the immune system.
Infrared rays do not have a harmful effect on the organism, but are perceived by people similar to solar heat as soothing thermal radiation.

What does infrared A, B and C mean?

Infrared radiation exists in three different sub-areas, long-wave infrared-C rays are radiated by many modern devices - including the REDPUR infrared heatings.  On the other hand, infrared A and B require special infrared emitters and devices. The well-known medical infra-red effect is caused primarily by IR-A.

Can a REDPUR infrared heating cause burns?

No. During operation the surfaces of the REDPUR infrared heating reach a temperature of about 95 degrees Celsius.  Because of the specific conductivity of the surfaces these do not cause burns.  All REDPUR appliances meet all safety standards for modern heating appliances.