Certificates and assessments - REDPUR

Certificates and assessments

Our evolutionary REDPUR of infrared heating systems have been tested with different methods to ensure the highest possible security.

EG Declaration of Conformity
REDPUR GmbH declares that all REDPUR infrared heaters conform to the EMC Directive and the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.

TÜV Tested Safety
Proof of uniform manufacturing of all REDPUR heaters Classic BIO according to consumer protection.

RoHS Conformity
The guidelines for ROHS compliance are followed.

Seal of Quality of the International Society for Electrosmog Research IGEF
With the IGEF seal of quality excel low-radiation electrical and electronic devices or systems as well as products which protect against electromagnetic pollution. Tested was our REDPUR Classic BIO

VDE Test
The REDPUR infrared heaters have been type tested according to VDE 700 part 30 2000-09 (DIN EN 60335-2-30). We are happy to create for you on request and at an additional cost a test explicitly for your ordered REDPUR infrared heating.