REDPUR in the bathroom - REDPUR

The REDPUR infrared heater in the bathroom

In the bathroom the REDPUR infrared heating is a particularly ideal solution. As an additional wellness factor, it provides for comfortable and constant infrared heat in the bathroom. The REDPUR infrared heating elements can be quickly and easily mounted on the ceiling or the walls of your bathroom and contribute through motif prints to the decorative design of your bathroom. 

The heating effect of infrared heatings is not due to the heating of the air, but to the heat storage in room surfaces, objects or bodies. Due to this principle a REDPUR infrared heater in the bathroom not only creates pleasant and constant wellness heat, but also protects the building structure by preventing mould and damp walls.

The advantages of a REDPUR infrared heater in the bathroom at a glance:

  • A REDPUR infrared heater operates without long heating times. Your personal comfort temperature for showering or bathing is reached after a few minutes and then kept constant.
  • Due to the heat storage in ceilings, walls, floors and objects the heat loss during ventilation is kept very low. Even when airing your bathroom remains cozy and warm.
  • With an REDPUR infrared heating transmission losses via the "building shell" are minimized:  Through the heat storage the walls of your bath stay dry also in the bathroom, so their insulating ability - which decreases with moisture - remains completely intact.
  • Due to the heat storage in all surfaces neither condensation nor mildew can form.
  • The REDPUR infrared heater in the bathroom makes for an absolutely uniform temperature distribution without thermodynamically caused temperature differences, air or dust swirls. The climate thus generated is physiologically optimal and is even regarded by allergy and asthma sufferers as pleasant - in the wet bathroom this point is particularly important.
  • A REDPUR infrared heater heats up your bathroom with minimum energy consumption.  Our "smart" thermostats ensure that power is only used when the temperature falls below the preset temperature value. During the cost-neutral "reheating periods" your bath is conditioned cost-free by the stored heat.
  • The installation of a REDPUR infrared heater in the bathroom can be done without interference with the building structure and is therefore easy and inexpensive in comparison to all other heating systems.
  • Due to a better distribution of infrared radiation and optimal heat storage we recommend the installation of the REDPUR infrared heater on the ceiling of your bathroom.

Of course, before buying your REDPUR infrared heater you receive comprehensive advice on all aspects of infrared heating from our distribution partners.