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The REDPUR infrared heating in new buildings

Energy and environmental experts in recent years increasingly regarded critically not only nuclear power but also the fossil fuels oil and natural gas. For consumers it is also dramatic that the prices of heating oil and gas really explode - an average household is now faced with the fact that the charges reach the level of actual housing costs or even exceed them. The heating costs account for about three-quarters of total expenditure on energy.

In a new building owners should consider from the outset cost and energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating and energy alternatives. An infrared heating from REDPUR is an up-to-date solution in this context. The innovative technology of the heating systems allows a significant reduction of energy consumption and the cost of ongoing operations.

At the same time, the infrared systems can be well integrated into both an energy concept based on renewable energies as well as the interior design of the new house.

The infrared heating from REDPUR - how does it work and how does it perform?

A REDPUR infrared heater is powered by electricity. A few years ago this was mostly regarded as a waste of already "refined" secondary energy as well as an extremely polluting and expensive heating option. In contrast, REDPUR infrared heaters offer the advantage of very low power consumption which is below the values of all other types of heating. The energy efficiency of these systems arises from their technological functionality: An infrared heater does not heat the air, but the surfaces - walls, ceilings, floors - of the building as well as the objects within the room. The greater part of the heat energy is absorbed while the rest is irradiated and heats indirectly the air of the room. The heat waves emitted by an infrared heater act like the sun radiation and have in addition the same wavelength as sun rays.

Through the innovative technological principle energy losses in the transport of thermal energy are largely eliminated. Further, an "intelligent" control system regulates the interaction of the individual heating modules so that in each room only the minimum of heat that is necessary for a comfortable temperature is transferred. When using an infrared heater the room temperature can be reduced by up to 2 degrees Celsius compared to conventional heating systems without the inhabitants sensing this reduction physically.

At the same time, many people perceive the climate generated by an infrared heater as very pleasant and "healthy". The infrared heat waves are distributed optimally in the room and do not dry out the air.  Also, air movement - and thus dust exposure - are reduced to a minimum. As a welcome side-effect the infrared heating system provides permanently for dry walls and protects not only the building structure but also increases the overall insulation value of the building.

Energy autonomy in the new building with an infrared heating from REDPUR

In a new building we generally recommend the integration of the infrared heating from REDPUR into an energetic overall concept, which is aimed at both eco-friendliness as well as a significant energy autonomy. If you invest in your construction project not only in the innovative REDPUR heating system, but also into a system for decentralized production of renewable energy sources - such as a small wind turbine or a photovoltaic system - or integrate the REDPUR infrared heating into an active energy house, your future heating cost will be almost zero and you gain at the same time a high degree of independence from the public utilities and their prices. At the same time a house with such a heating and power system of course implements excellent environmental standards

The investment costs for a energy-efficient and - ideally - largely self-sufficient new construction are paid off by the low external energy requirements of the house and thus significantly lower cost of energy in a short time. The state as well as a larger number of regional carriers promote energy-efficient construction projects and private investment in renewable energy also with various promotion models and low-interest loans.

Distributors from REDPUR - Specialists for energy-optimized construction projects

The REDPUR partner companies support clients not only with the supply and installation of infrared heating systems, but also with their years of experience in energy-optimized construction projects and comprehensive consulting services including a free on-site consultation. Even when complying with existing legal regulations for energy efficient buildings the REDPUR distributors are glad to act for our common customers.